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Sep, 2017

Proposed Benchmarks for Shetland 6U

A. Warm Ups

   Arrival procedure and equipment etiquette

   Basic warm up exercises movements - walk, jog, sprint, change directions, jump, backpedal, side shufe


B. Baserunning

   Identify each base on the diamond

   Athletic posture, starting position, stay low when you go!

   Run through first base

   Rounding bases (Shetland 5/6)

   Base hit turn at rst base (Shetland 5/6)

   Force play vs. tag play


C. Throwing

   Proper grip (4-seam ball position)

   Step with correct foot

   Direction - Feet & shoulders (Shetland 5/6)

   Throwing arm path

   Glove arm path - Extension (reach or point)

   Basic footwork

   Loaded power position (Shetland 5/6)


D. Catching / Receiving

   How/where to hold the glove

   Receiver Position - Feet, hands, eyes

   Two-Spot receiving (thumbs up, pinkies down)

   Catching the ball overhead (waiter tray position)


 E.   Infield

   Ready position

   Basic ground ball receiving

   Fielding Triangle

   Exit Footwork

   Basic Cuts & Relays (Shetland 5/6)

   Force play vs. Tag play (Shetland 5/6)

   Knowing where to throw the ball once elded, start with first base


 F.  Outfield 

   Basic positioning

   Ready position

   Basic y ball receiving (Shetland 5/6)

   Footwork - Drop-step, crossover, go (Shetland 5/6)


G. Hitting

   Batting Stance


   Stride, Load, & Finish

   Swing aggressively without falling over

   Batting tee

   Introduction to tee work, soft toss, front toss, overhand toss (Shetland 5/6)


H. Baseball Rules

   Field of play

   Positions on the baseball eld

   Running to my position

   Dugout rules and etiquette

   Sportsmanship - Positive competition

   Sportsmanship - Being a good teammate

   Foul Ball vs. Fair Ball

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